Alan Postiglione
Business Development Manager

What accomplishment at Absolute are you most proud of?
In the ten years that I have been at Absolute, we have grown from 15 employees to over 50 and increased our market share and revenue exponentially. The continuing development and growth of the Central Texas region is something I have great pride in.

What is the most unusual or interesting project you’ve worked on at Absolute? 
Our team has been working with an Energy Storage company that has allowed us to work in facilities not only in Texas but on the East and West Coast of the US. This brings us into the 'Renewable Energy' field for probably the first time.

As a locally-based, independently owned, third-party testing organization, Absolute answers only to their clients. As a result, we have coined the term Powerfully Independent! In a sentence or two, tell us what Powerfully Independent means to you and how this has impacted your experience working at Absolute.
Powerfully Independent is not being 'handcuffed' by dictated processes or customs but instead having the freedom to utilize individual knowledge and experience when it better serves the purpose.

What is your favorite lunch hole-in-the-wall?
The 290 Café.  Serving comfort food and country cooking.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Not so much a superpower but I'd like to be a champion on Jeopardy.