Dan Lopez
Vice President


In a sentence or two, tell us your favorite thing about working at Absolute?
True Camaraderie!

What accomplishment at Absolute are you most proud of?
Absolute's extended family's steadfast dedication to the continuation of high standards, as well as making new opportunities for themselves and the next generation.

What is the most unusual or interesting project you’ve worked on at Absolute?
Hundreds of interesting projects, people and places to list here. Here's one for the record: "Night at the Museum of Natural Science”.  

It was a winter night during shutdown-season, and we were performing a planned electrical outage at the Museum when mother nature called to me in the early morning hours. As I was wandering through the quiet darkness, my mind was definitely playing tricks on me as I walked past reconstructed dinosaurs, wax figures and other wonders.  I was frozen in my tracks as I approached the display of trophies of the cannibals of the amazon basin, to be continued…

As a locally-based, independently owned, third-party testing organization, Absolute answers only to their clients. As a result, we have coined the term Powerfully Independent! In a sentence or two, tell us what Powerfully Independent means to you and how this has impacted your experience working at Absolute.
Perfect description of who we ARE and more importantly what we DO!