Leif Thrapp
Operations Manager


In a sentence or two, tell us your favorite thing about working at Absolute?
I like being part of a successful company. We are made up of many individuals, but put us all together, and it’s like a well-oiled machine.

What accomplishment at Absolute are you most proud of?
I started out as a field technician and worked my way up to Operations Supervisor.  I’m proud to be part of a company that started out with 6 people (me being one of the six) and being here to see the company grow to close to 50.

As a locally-based, independently owned, third-party testing organization, Absolute answers only to their clients. As a result, we have coined the term Powerfully Independent! In a sentence or two, tell us what Powerfully Independent means to you and how this has impacted your experience working at Absolute.
I always like to refer to us as the “Coca Cola” of the testing industry. I want people to automatically think of Absolute when they think of electrical testing. Much like when someone asks for a soda, they automatically think of Coke. 

“Powerfully Independent”, to me, means that we stand above the rest and separate ourselves as a powerful and independent testing company.

What’s the most unusual thing in your desk/company vehicle/tool bag?
In my desk, I would say random artwork that my daughter has drawn over the years.  In my vehicle, I would say CDs since apparently most vehicles do not come with a CD player anymore. In my tool bag, I would say a stubby screwdriver. I use it about once a year but when you need it you need it.

What are you surprisingly good at?
I always joke that I multi-task while I’m multitasking.  With how busy work is every day, I surprise myself sometimes on how much I remember and how much information I can recall off the top of my head.