Troy Buckwalter
Business Manager


What is the most unusual or interesting project you’ve worked on at Absolute? 
Absolute is a unique company which has a plethora of interesting and unique projects. There is nothing more satisfying than assisting a customer or end user through an extremely difficult situation to meet a deadline, bring a plant online, ensure a hospital is operational, or a commercial building is re-energized after a catastrophic issue.

As a locally based, independently owned, third-party testing organization, Absolute answers only to their clients. As a result, we have coined the term Powerfully Independent! In a sentence or two, tell us what Powerfully Independent means to you and how this has impacted your experience working at Absolute.
Absolute is exclusive in vetting specific employees to ensure our team is powerfully independent with the most amazing employees in the industry to fit our culture and support our customers.

What’s the most unusual thing in your desk/company vehicle/tool bag?
Running shoes and shorts because you never know when you have a chance to go for a run to relieve a day of stress and enjoy a runner's high. If you don’t run, you wouldn’t understand...

What is your favorite lunch hole-in-the-wall?
Chepes Meat Market...If you know you know.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Wind therapy on two wheels...