Absolute Testing Services proudly serves K-12 educational facilities. At Absolute Testing Services, we realize the importance of maintaining an optimally functioning electrical system.
Our experience in educational facilities allows us to respond immediately, with safety in mind, providing minimal interference with the students, teachers, and administrative team’s schedules and activities.
Whether your campus is new, aging, expanding, or experiencing emergency outages, you can be certain that Absolute Testing Services provides a safe, reliable, and optimally functioning power system. Contact us to learn how we can keep your K-12 educational facility’s power system operating with Absolute Excellence.

What Our Clients are Saying

Technical expertise is one value Absolute illustrates regularly. I have known most of the employees for many years and from past experience know they are reliable and also work in a safe manner.

Trust and unbiased honesty are more than apparent when working with everyone from Absolute.

Working with Joey Venable, I always felt that he would take care of us, and Absolute was totally behind him. He would take the steps necessary to help us through any issues without any sort of delay or having to check with someone else. This speeds up the process of getting boots on the ground if necessary.