Oil & Gas Facilities

With the growing energy demands facing the United States and our local proximity to the energy capital of the world, Houston, Texas, it’s only natural that Absolute Testing Services would be a leader in the oil and gas industry. Absolute Testing Services has served energy customers, from upstream to downstream, and we are aware of the unique challenges this industry requires.
Absolute Testing engineers and technicians are certified to safely perform services on all aspects of your electrical systems including engineering, training and technical support, while our Electrical Equipment Sales and Repairs Shop provides repairs and sales on new and obsolete reconditioned equipment. We provide the highest quality service while adhering to all safety standards for the oil and gas industries.

Owners, contractors, maintenance managers, commissioning agents, and others that are responsible for providing safe, warranty-worthy, and optimally functioning power systems can rely on Absolute Testing Services to deliver quality testing services for oil and gas companies, 24/7. Please contact us today to learn more.

What Our Clients are Saying

Absolute has provided superior customer service and outstanding quality. We view Absolute as a primary partner of ours and we use them on every project that we do. We consider them as an extension of OPD and our clients value and trust their services as well.

All three pillars (Technical Expertise, Reliability and Safety) were on full display every time I interacted with Absolute. If I had to pick a pillar that stood out the most, I would say Absolute’s Technical Expertise because I have not had an issue yet that they could not help me with.

Trust and unbiased honesty are two of the primary reasons that we have had such a long and productive relationship with Absolute.