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Circuit Breaker Testing

Cutting-Edge Circuit Breaker Shop Services

Power Systems TestingOur circuit-breaker shop services align our extensive power systems expertise with the latest electrical hardware to handle any electrical system. Whether we help our clients on location or at one of our facilities, we can get your facility’s power system working safely and efficiently.

Source for New & Replacement Parts

  • The Absolute Testing Breaker Shop Division has access to electrical devices that are out of manufacture or are deemed as obsolete. When it is necessary to replace a Vintage Part with a direct replacement, Absolute Testing has multiple sources and resources that can provide you with a solution.
  • We have sources for repair parts for equipment that cannot be replaced.
  • We provide the parts, test the unit get the customer back in business!

Field Service of Circuit Breakers

  • Perform partial disassembly for complete as found visual inspection.
  • Clean and lubricate circuit breaker per OEM and NETA maintenance guidelines.
  • Reassemble and operate breaker.
  • Test all safety interlocks.
  • Perform all tests for full Power DB test reports using OEM and NETA specifications.
  • Return breaker to normal service. 

Per NETA Maintenance Specifications 2011 (quoting source):
The testing organization shall affix a test decal on the exterior of equipment or equipment enclosure of protective devices after performing electrical tests. Color scheme for condition of maintenance of overcurrent protective device shall be:

  • White: electrically and mechanically acceptable. (Return to Service)
  • Yellow: minor deficiency not affecting fault detection and operation, but minor electrical or mechanical condition exists. (Schedule for out of service repair)
  • Red: deficiency exists affecting performance, not suitable for service

 Level I - Remanufacture Circuit Breakers to Original Equipment Manufacturers Specifications
Complete disassembly to sub structure and Rebuild including powder coating frames and re-plating of all current carrying parts. Replace manufacturer recommended grease in all pivot points. Reassemble and test.

Level II - Recondition Circuit Breaker (Any Manufacturer)
Limited disassembly polish and refurbish all current carrying parts. Mechanical inspection. Replace manufacturer recommended grease in all pivot points. Reassemble and test. Repaired circuit breakers have a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

  • Circuit breaker trip unit repairs and calibration
  • Solid state trip unit retrofits
  • Repair of molded case circuit breakers

Motor Control Center Buckets and Starters

  • Bucket upgrades to solid state
  • Repair and replacement of all components
  • Build and provide replacement buckets and starters for all field applications. Built in our shop and plug and replace in the field by our trained Technicians

Contractors, maintenance managers, commissioning agents, and others responsible for providing safe, warranty-worthy, and optimally functioning power systems can rely on Absolute Testing Services to deliver scheduled and emergency services, 24/7. Please contact us today to learn more.