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Data Centers Power Systems Testing

NETA-Certified Services to Support Data Centers

Our data center clients have some of the most demanding requirements for power systems – and we are certainly up to the challenge. In addition to extensive customization of facilities, and the absolute need for 100% uptime, we work hard to ensure that the quality testing services we provide for our data center clients is reliable, accurate and responsive to your unique needs.

It’s important to recognize that:

  • Data Centers have an enormous power demand & require 100% up-time assurance.
  • Absolute is expert in working in these Critical Space environments to perform Acceptance of apparatus or perform Maintenance to operational data centers.
  • Absolute performs services for all of the AC and DC requirements in the data center environment.

Contractors, maintenance managers, commissioning agents, and others responsible for providing safe, warranty-worthy, and optimally functioning power systems can rely on Absolute Testing Services to deliver quality data center support, 24/7. Please contact us today to learn more.