Electrical Equipment Repair and Services

Electrical Equipment Repair and Services - RED.pngAbsolute Testing Shop Services offers expertise on all components found in your electrical systems. Our highly experienced technicians’ knowledge of obsolete, vintage, and modern electrical equipment provides services for maintaining, repairing, sourcing, and reconditioning electrical devices. Our technicians evaluate then discuss options whether preventative maintenance, reconditioning, remanufacturing, overhaul, or replacement is recommended. Equipment rental arrangements can also be made. Shop services can be scheduled or dispatched 24/7 for emergency response.


Electrical Distribution Components 

Our Absolute Testing NETA Technicians repair, replace, maintain, recondition, and test all types of high (HV), medium (MV) and low voltage (LV) electrical equipment and their components. These include: Transformers, Reclosures and their associated controllers, Switchgear, Electro mechanical, Solid-State and Microprocessor based Relay Protection Devices, Automatic Transfer Switches, Circuit Breakers and Trip Units, Capacitors, Safety Interlocks both electrical and mechanical, Grounding Systems, Switches, Surge Protective Devices (SPD), Motor Control Centers (MCC), as well as other electrical components found in your electrical distribution system.

Circuit Breakers

Absolute Testing Electrical Equipment Repair and Service shop offers turnkey solutions for your Medium and Low Voltage circuit breakers and overcurrent protection devices. This ranges from retrofitting trip units, routine maintenance on current products, sourcing obsolete components, and manufacturing or reconditioning parts that are no longer available. Standard Services include cleaning, lubricating, making manufacturers’ recommended adjustments, complete testing of breaker and trip units. Complete Breaker Reconditioning includes full disassembly, replacing worn components, silver plating of all current carrying components, and powder coating of the frame.

Modernization of Electrical Equipment

Absolute Testing Shop Service provides modernization of existing equipment by upgrading with proven modern technology that provides enhanced safety and increased reliability. Our highly trained and experienced technicians have years of experience modernizing LV and MV switchgear components including safety interlocks. 


Absolute Testing Electrical Equipment Repair and Service shop provides services backed by our Absolute Testing Warranty.