Specialized Electrical Systems

Specialized Electrical Systems - RED.pngNo matter what market you serve, we understand that your success depends on having every component of your specialized electrical system working safely, efficiently, and with minimal downtime. Absolute Testing Services are industry experts in solving some of the most critical and demanding power challenges for Normal and Emergency Power for specialized electrical systems found in the Industrial Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Data Centers, Utility/Municipal, and Renewables.


Industrial Oil & Gas 

With the growing energy demands facing the U.S. and our proximity to the energy capital of the world, Houston, Texas, it is only natural that Absolute Testing Services would be a leader in the oil & gas segment. With over 100 years combined experience, Absolute has been serving the energy sector, from upstream to downstream, with an expertise in specialized power systems and electrical testing services. 


The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical center in the world and Absolute Testing Services is the premier partner offering commissioning and maintenance services for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. While some industries have mission-critical power needs that can affect your business, there is no other industry that impacts the lives of people more directly than healthcare facilities. Absolute provides training and compliance documentation for NFPA standards, Joint Commission, DNV, and other requirements in the healthcare industry. 

Data Centers 

In today’s world, information powers everything that we do, and data centers are responsible for data storage and the transfer of that information. The electrical distribution systems of data centers are complex with redundant utility and emergency power sources. Absolute Technicians know how to operate in these critical environments from initial construction, commissioning to proactive maintenance and testing your facility, Absolute is there to support your Tier 1 thru Tier 5 data centers.  


There’s no industry that understands the power business more than utilities and power plants. Absolute Testing takes pride in being the independent third-party electrical power experts to these critical utilities and power plants who keep our nation’s electrical infrastructure working. Municipal applications also include electrical power systems for providing water and wastewater services to local communities or industrial applications. 


With the advancements in renewable technologies, decreased cost and increased demand for alternative energy sources, the future of renewable energy has never been more promising. Absolute Testing technicians service the renewable power markets including solar and wind, and storage of that energy providing additional support for our utility power grid.