Start-Up and
Acceptance Testing

Start-Up and Acceptance Testing - RED.pngAt its foundation, our new construction and start-up services are designed to answer one key question: “Is my facility’s electrical system ready?” Absolute Testing Services provides complete Start-up and Acceptance Testing services for your facility, from project management to testing and calibration, while meeting all required specifications.

We understand the challenges faced with start-up and our experienced NETA technicians will guide you along to ensure that your new facility opens with confidence. NETA Acceptance testing gives the assurance that equipment is installed correctly and will operate per the manufacturer’s recommendations.  During the Start-up the entire electrical distribution system is functionally tested to assure that it will meet design intent and your electrical system is ready to go.

Functional Testing of Electrical Distribution Components 

Absolute Testing NETA Technicians perform Start-Up and NETA acceptance testing of MV and LV Switchgear and Switchboards, MV and LV transformers (Oil Filled and Dry-type), Motor Control Centers (MCC), Circuit breakers, Capacitors, Switches, Surge Protective Devices (SPD), Distribution and Lighting Panel Boards, and other equipment that are found on the one-line and riser drawings.

Cable Testing

ANSI/NETA & IEEE traditionally recommend DC HI potential testing for initial tests on all power cables (LV/MV/HV) that are newly installed or service-aged cables less than 5 years.  Then AC HI Potential testing is recommended for service-aged cables more than 5 years installed. Today, a more modern method that can be used anytime by utilizing the VLF TAN Delta method that is also a non-destructive test and will serve as a baseline for deterioration of the insulation value over time. 

Circuit Breaker Testing 

Absolute Testing NETA Technicians can test Circuit Breakers in the field or our shop.  This includes Primary or Secondary injection testing methods to confirm that the unit will function within the manufacturer’s recommended time/current curves. NEC NFPA 70 also requires Ground Fault Testing to determine the sensitivity and operation of a potential ground fault.

Infrared Thermography Scan

IR scans by our certified technicians on the major energized components of the electrical system are typically recommended right after start-up and again before the end of the first year of operation.  Electrical equipment often displays a higher temperature before a failure thus making IR Scans also a recommended test for predictive maintenance of your electrical system. 

Isolation Panel Testing

Absolute Testing NETA technicians will perform each required electrical test, and visual and mechanical inspection as stated in NFPA 99 on your healthcare Isolation Panels and receptacles in patient care areas. 

Protective Relay Testing

Absolute Testing NETA technicians will upload the set point files for Micro-Processor relays to perform a function check and testing of the relay to ensure it trips the respective breaker or 86 lockout. This also includes an overview of the setting file to ensure the outputs are programmed in the setting file.

Verification of Protective Setting

Absolute Testing NETA technicians  will verify and coordinate the study document and set all adjustable circuit breakers and relays per the Coordination and Arc Flash study requirements.

Power Factor Testing 

Absolute Testing NETA technicians can perform power quality metering and analysis to determine a customer’s current power factor.  If necessary, the ATS Team performs engineering study recommendations for mitigation of poor lead or lag power factors. We also correct power factor problems by installing proper capacitor banks.   

Complete Point-to-Point Checkout of All Control Circuits 

Absolute Testing NETA technicians can confirm that control and safety circuits are functioning and operational to system requirements.